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Pop Snax Pop Off the Shelves With Vibrant New Design


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Pop Snax Pop Off the Shelves With Vibrant New Design

Hain Celestial's "Earth's Best" brand has redesigned several of its major products, including Pop Snax, Best Organic Baby Yogurt and Baby Food Puree.

Tapping the company Smith Design to assist in the rebranding initiative, Hain wanted to create vibrant new packaging and labels that stood out on store shelves. Vibrant colors such as red, neon green and bright purple were used to achieve this effect. The baby food is also highly nutritious, which helps sell the product to new parents.

"The organic baby food consumer is educated and most concerned with purity and quality - and how she can most nurture her growing family," Martha Seidner, vice president of Smith Design, told Package Design Magazine. "We kept the Earth's Best branding and 'baby' imagery in key areas of the face panel to help reinforce those aspects, while using strong flavor coding to make the line shopable."

When designing labels for children's products, it's crucial to add any necessary warning labels. This could range from allergy notices for food products to safety warnings on toys.