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Podcast - The Future of Labels


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Podcast - The Future of Labels


Earlier this week, I did an interview with the people at PodcasterNews. For the uninitiated a podcast is really just like a radio show except the audio file is stored on a web site - here is a formal definition of podcast.

The Better Process Podcast discusses manufacturing news and they conduct interviews several times a week with business managers in the manufacturing sector. Our interview was quite short but covered a wide range of topics such as the advantages of being a small business manufacturer to the future of label printing. Here is the link to the podcast - just click on download show to listen to the MP3 file.

I subscribe to several business podcasts that I regularly download to my iPod. I listen to them when I am working out or just walking around the park in the morning. It is another great 21st century tool that you can use to further your business education.