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Plastic Packaging Industry Unites Against Food Waste


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Plastic Packaging Industry Unites Against Food Waste

American restaurants and food manufacturers are not known for skimping on portions, and consumers have not shown any effort to quell their appetites. However, billions of pounds of food still go to waste every year.

Now, the plastics industry is taking action, hoping to propose new sustainable packaging solutions to reduce food waste. Industry members of the American Chemistry Council have partnered with packaging expert Dr. Paul Butler to investigate plastic innovations that will keep food fresher longer.

Furthermore, they are advocating for consumers to look for eco-friendly packaging that when disposed of leaves little or no waste. Packaging such as resealable plastic bags and containers can also help to make sure every bit of food is used.

"Focusing on packaging material weight reduction and recyclable food packaging materials is important; however, developing new innovations in packaging to help consumers manage their food inventory better and contribute to a more sustainable supply chain can have an even more significant impact on our environment," says food packaging consultant and author Dr. Paul Butler.

According the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, of the 34 million tons of food waste created in 2009, less than 3 percent was recovered and recycled.