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Planting an Argument Against GMO Labeling


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Planting an Argument Against GMO Labeling

Consumers throughout the country have been rallying for greater disclosure of the use of genetically modified organisms in food.

However, Open Market is quick to note that labeling these biotech foods may not be worth all the effort activists are going through. Writing for the site, Greg Conko — director of food safety policy with the Competitive Enterprise Institute — argues that mandatory labels could give consumers the wrong impression that GMO foods are somehow harmful to consume.

Additionally, he argues that it's unconstitutional for this type of labeling.

"In a case called International Dairy Foods Assoc. v. Amestoy, the U.S. Second Circuit Court of Appeals held that a Vermont statute requiring dairy products from cows given the biotech growth hormone rbST violated the First Amendment," he explains, "and that food labeling cannot be mandated simply because some people would like to have the information."

However, if brands want to disclose this information, they may get a leg up on the competition by noting their food products are GMO free on the labels.