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Picking Green Labels without Seeing Red


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Picking Green Labels without Seeing Red

Brands can choose from hundreds of eco-friendly labels when producing their products, which can often lead to frustration — which is the best for a specific brand?

However, as Advertising Age recently noted, companies can narrow down their choices (and their headaches) by knowing which criteria to consider. For example, there are single-attribute labels that focus on one environmental issue, such as sustainable wood harvesting, or self-certification seals, which are left to the company to display.

"With so many labels available out there, it is quite likely that your brand may qualify for more than one eco-label and product attribute. Thus, aim to promote the attributes that are most relevant to your brand. Also, remember to integrate your eco-labeling into existing brand platforms," the news source explains.

With consumers beginning to demand that companies practice green production procedures, highlighting environmental accomplishments can help brands secure more sales from these eco-friendly customers.