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Personalize Your National Geographic Magazine Cover


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Personalize Your National Geographic Magazine Cover


National Geographic magazine is renowned for showcasing some of best photography on the planet. Regular readers will know the "Your Shot" section where people send in their own digital photos and the editors choose some of the best photos to be published each issue.

Recently National Geographic created a special collectors edition featuring an entire magazine of photos submitted for the Your Shot section. Best of all they have allowed people to upload their own photo to be on the cover. You will see in the picture above a photo I just uploaded of myself and my partner Steve in front of one of our wonderful HP-Indigo digital label presses. Speaking of HP-Indigo, National Geographic chose to print these covers on an HP-Indigo press, so you know the quality will be exceptional.

While this has nothing directly to do with labels, I like to showcase some examples of personalization using digital printing. Any personalization that is done on a commercial printing press can also be done on a digital label press. The commercial print world has been taking advantage of the full capabilities of digital printing for many years, but image personalization like this is rarely used with labels.

With the holiday season just a few months away, why not allow your customers to upload a photo and include it as a special holiday product label for your product. You can charge a premium for this service and at the same time enhance your brand in the eyes of your customers. You don't need a full blown web site like National Geographic has, you could create a simple customization page on your existing web site quite inexpensively. All the technology is in place to do this, and of course here at Lightning Labels we would be happy to print your personalized labels.

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