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Pepsi and Pakit Partner to Roll Out Sustainable Packaging Solution


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Pepsi and Pakit Partner to Roll Out Sustainable Packaging Solution

PepsiCo is partnering with Pakit to create and develop a "next generation" sustainable packaging solution. Pakit has been manufacturing eco-friendly packaging for the past decade by designing cellulose fiber into a recyclable and biodegradable moulded board.

The moulded board is thin and smooth, allowing improved logo and advertising quality for those firms that choose to leverage it. Additionally, the packaging allows firms to create products that are difficult shapes, such as trays for the food industry, compartmental plates, protective packaging for electronics and pharmaceutical packaging.

"The natural advantage of fiber, with its highly dense fiber network, results in a product that is smooth, rigid, and resistant to moisture and grease," Dwayne Yaretz, president of Pakit, said. "Products can be manufactured using a wide variety of virgin and recycled natural fibers and can go from freezer to microwave or oven."

This year, Pepsi introduced its plant-based beverage bottle, which it will soon bring to the U.K. The effort is in step with its other initiatives, as sustainable packaging makes its way into the mainstream. This year, the industry is expected to be valued at $108 billion, a figure that will only rise in the upcoming years, a recent report indicated.