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Pasta Recalled Due to Label Snafu


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Pasta Recalled Due to Label Snafu

A Mistake on Product Labels Results in Recall
Ikea, the Swedish furniture retailer, was recently forced to recall pasta products in Singapore due to incomplete custom labels.

The Straits Times reported that two variants of Ikea's pasta products shipped to market with no mention of the fact that they contained soy as an ingredient. This oversight could have put people with soy allergies in danger, inducing reactions if those products were consumed. Customers who bought the mislabeled pasta products are being encouraged to bring them back to their local Ikea stores for full refunds.

Why Product Recalls are Detrimental for Brands
Product recalls, particularly for something as petty as mislabeled products, should be avoided at all costs. In the case of product label mistakes, it makes the company look disorganized and incompetent. Additionally, recalling products, having to repackage them all and send them back to market is a huge cost. Plus, if someone is harmed by a mislabeled product, it could result in a huge PR disaster for brands.

Companies should work with a professional label printing company to ensure no mistakes with labels and stickers occur.