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Paper Packaging Helps Purveyor Cut Costs, Save Environment


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Paper Packaging Helps Purveyor Cut Costs, Save Environment

The fourth quarter of 2011 will be a little more environmentally friendly thanks to specialty purveyor Louisiana Food Company.

The business recently announced that its Voodoo Roast Dark will be sold in paper packaging. These "cans" are far more environmentally friendly than the previous containers. The Louisiana Food Company will not only be more "green," but it will save a great deal of green as well. The change to paper cans will cut the company's packaging costs nearly in half.

The new packaging and resulting labels also allow the company to present its product in an eye-catching, artistic way.

"The paper can packaging is amazing and unlike any other we've seen," Louisiana Food Company president David Loflin said in a statement. "The Voodoo Roast will jump off the shelves as shoppers pass by, thanks to the label art work. Even more amazing is that the Voodoo Roast coffee inside the paper cans tastes as good as the art work looks."

The Louisiana Food Company is not the only company thinking about green packaging. According to Reuters, Mattel is increasing its use of sustainable, recycled paper in packaging and hopes to have 70 percent of its packaging made from recycled paper by the end of 2011. By 2015, the company has a goal of 85 percent.