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Packaging Professionals Choose Corny Over Nutty


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Packaging Professionals Choose Corny Over Nutty

Consumers and packaging have developed an increasingly involved relationship, especially as shoppers search for ways to support the environment.

As a result, the packaging sector is constantly evolving, driven by what PopSop calls "ethical consumerism," to introduce new materials and processes to boost sustainable packaging. While the use of mushroom and bamboo packaging has grown in popularity, many consumers may have never heard of a new way to pack and protect shipments: cornstarch peanuts.

Rather than filling boxes with sticky styrofoam peanuts that look unnatural and smell "toxic," according to the source, more manufacturers are leveraging packing peanuts made from cornstarch.

"Corn is literally ground and made into pellets that are then made into packing peanuts. They are 100 percent biodegradable," the website explains. "They dissolve safely in water or can be thrown into the compost bin."

Cornstarch is not the only foodstuff making an impact in the packaging world. Researchers in Europe have developed a new packaging innovation made from cheese whey.