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Packaging President Obama


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Packaging President Obama

packaging-president-obama-cleaning-productsWhat Obama's First Term in Office Can Teach You About Selling Your Products

The New York Times recently illustrated a series of guest editorials on what President Barack Obama would need to do to win a second term in the Oval Office with black-and-white images of cleaning product packages (pictured above). The illustration, by Abbott Miller and Kristen Spilman, satirizes the dire challenges Obama is facing as his public approval ratings hover around 40 percent. Coupled with the sentiments of the political experts that tossed around various strategies Obama could employ to have a chance of regaining the good graces of the American people, the illustration implies that it doesn't matter how attractive your packaging is if your product doesn't deliver the results people want. Effective packaging is often powerful enough by itself to prompt consumers to initially purchase a product. Making good on product claims keeps them coming back for more.