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Packaging 'For Her' Does Not Impress Women


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Packaging 'For Her' Does Not Impress Women

In today's market economy, women retain significant power of the purse, making approximately 80 percent of purchasing decisions in stores.

Yet, according to an article on MediaPost, only 20 percent of character trademarks in the retail landscape are female, and the product labeling that is female-oriented presents a more traditional 1950s image of aprons, baking spoons and brooms.

However, marketers need to sharpen their female-savvy, and re-examine their product packaging's colors, shapes, symbols and words. It's no longer enough to slap some pink or purple on the outside of a box. In fact, today, this is more likely to be regarded as sexist or stereotyping.

Instead, the news source urges brands to develop packaging with women as individuals in mind. "Research her core beliefs and values, motivations and purchase drivers before you create your brand's visual vocabulary," MediaPost explains. "It's not enough just to write, 'For Her' on your package."

As the number of working women increases worldwide, marketers will need to reconsider how they approach historically male-dominated categories such as technology, cars and home improvement.