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Packaging for a Global Audience


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Packaging for a Global Audience

Globe packaged a "handle with care" boxNowadays, many Americans are pushing brands to think of the environment, both in the creation of their products and packaging. However, this isn't a concern globally, which may give brands more leeway as they produce their goods.

For example, many foreign countries prefer metal packaging, which is driving investments in metal industries. Recent innovations in the production of metal are key factors, which with brands in the food, personal care, beverage and healthcare industries using the material for their product packaging.

As Packaging Digest notes, metal containers offer a variety of unique features, ranging from improved storage to low production costs. Moreover, metal containers tend to last longer than organic packages, which is ideal for some third-world countries.

Packaging and labeling are important concepts and are top-of-mind concerns for many manufacturers. However, it's easy to think exclusively of the home crowd when choosing containers. Manufacturers should remember to consider their global audience when designing their products.

The same can be said of labels — what works in one country may not work in another. Regardless, it's crucial that brands utilize a professional printer when they print labels.