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Packaging Efforts Going the Right Whey


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Packaging Efforts Going the Right Whey

In an effort to find new sustainable packaging solutions, companies have been turning to new, sometimes strange substances such as mushrooms. Now, some researchers are arguing that cheese could be next.

According to the European research and development project WheyLayer, whey, the milk byproduct of cheese, could be used to create new sustainable packaging and reduce the use of synthetics, which can build up in landfills.

Furthermore, whey packaging would reduce waste on two fronts: consumers and cheese factories. Earth 911 notes that every year, European cheese factories produce 50 million tons of whey, and while a large amount is utilized as food additives, nearly 40 percent goes to waste.

The benefits of the environmentally friendly packaging could also help reduce and potentially replace petroleum-based plastics.

Earlier this summer, researchers showed off the latest developments in the project at the international packaging and processes trade fair Interpack in Germany. Visitors were able to view samples of the coated plastic as well as food packaged in the substance.