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Packaging Gets Bossy


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Packaging Gets Bossy

Just packaging features prominent call to action

"Choose me, choose me!" That's what I hear when I walk down the non-alcoholic beverage aisle at the supermarket, where hundreds of soft drinks, sports beverages, and bottled waters vie for my attention. Each one tries to tell me why it's the best. One diet soft drink claims it tastes better than the competition. A sports drink says it will increase my endurance. Several brands of vitamin-infused waters promise to enhance my vitality. I am overwhelmed and in a hurry, so I toss a sports drink that's on sale and a random case of water in my cart. Next! The designers of a British caffeinated water called "Just" have figured out there are lots of consumers like me who simply want someone to tell them what to do when they only have five seconds to pick out a drink. They've responded by including a clear call to action on their packaging label. "PICK ME UP," it says. Not in images or vaguely worded text, but in a bold, bossy font that says just that. Brilliant! Consumers see and hear calls to action on websites, magazine pages and radio ads all the time. Late night infomercials even tell us to "call now!" But putting a putting a call-to-action on a beverage label? I haven't seen it ... until now.  *smacks head*