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Outdated Label Standards Are Root of Hazards


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Outdated Label Standards Are Root of Hazards

The Silent Spring Institute recently released a study that suggests many household cleaners actually contain hazardous chemicals.

However, few of these products note the use of toxic chemicals on their labels. While science has advanced enough to discover the effects of these hazardous additives, label standards have grown outdated and don't reflect these dangers accurately, CommonHealth reports.

"Right now, we have a patchwork of outdated rules for what can go into consumer products," Julia Brody, an environmental epidemiologist and executive director of the Silent Spring Institute, told the news source. "Companies don't have to list all a product's ingredients on the label, and many of them don't. Our study detected numerous chemicals that were not on the product label."

Ellen Kornmehl, a radiation oncologist at Massachusetts General Hospital, believes stricter labeling standards will promote better health among consumers — particularly women.

In some regions of the world, particularly Europe, labeling standards are more strict. Moreover, many of these manufacturers have adapted to laws without hindering product development, suggesting better laws will have little impact on companies.