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Out of the Blue: Blue Bunny Recalls Ice Cream


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Out of the Blue: Blue Bunny Recalls Ice Cream

Wells Enterprises, the producer of Blue Bunny ice cream, has issued a recall of its Blue Bunny Personals product due to labeling errors, the Sioux City Journal reports.

In some instances, the product advertised as Blue Bunny Peanut Butter Panic will actually contain Super Chunky Cookie Dough instead. The lid of these containers is accurate, but the actual carton is not.

According to the company, the ingredients labels on these products do not mention that they contain wheat. People with gluten sensitivities could be negatively affected by the product, so Wells Enterprises decided to recall the batch of ice cream.

Wells was made aware of this mistake when a grocer called the company to inform it of the packaging error. So far, no adverse reactions have been reported, but Wells still hopes to get all mislabeled packages back. Affected products were sent to retailers in Iowa, Nebraska, Minnesota and 13 other states, the news source notes.

Consumers with food allergies are more likely to make note of product labels, so having accurate ingredients lists is crucial for these individuals.