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Origin of Product Labels Must Be Transparent


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Origin of Product Labels Must Be Transparent

Capitalizing on Regionalism with Custom Labels
People like to buy foods and other goods from local vendors, which is why many look at custom labels to try to identify the point of origin of the product in question. Some people are even willing to pay a premium price for such items. Unfortunately, this leads some companies to try to misrepresent where commodities are from.

Maggie Beer, an Australian entrepreneur, was recently found guilty of doing this by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission. Her products, which range from ice cream to aged red wine vinegar, did not claim to be from a specific area, but they did list particular areas in their names. For example, one product featured the tagline "a Barossa food tradition," which suggested the product was made in the Barossa Valley.

Smart Company reported that Maggie Beer Products is already working with the ACCC to develop new custom labels that more accurately represent the products.

Be on Point with Custom Label Accuracy
The takeaway here is that transparency is critical when it comes to creating custom labels. Whether intentional or not, misleading customers can lead to big trouble down the line.