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Organizational Labels for Use in the Office


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Organizational Labels for Use in the Office

Custom Labels are not Just for Products
Most businesses are familiar with custom labels in that they're typically printed for product packaging, but that is not the only purpose they serve. Custom labels and stickers have a number of different uses, including for organizational purposes. These items allow enterprises to track equipment more effectively throughout the office.

For example, numbered stickers could be attached to company hardware. When employees want to use equipment, they would need to sign them out with the number posted on the sticker. This helps improve accountability throughout the workplace and gives employees an extra incentive to return equipment. If items are not returned, businesses know where to begin their search for them.

This seems like a trivial use of stickers and custom labels, but misplaced equipment can actually cost businesses a significant amount of money, both directly and indirectly. For instance, losing a high-value piece of equipment such as a tablet or laptop can cost firms hundreds or even thousands of dollars to replace, but the even bigger deal is the damage this misplaced equipment can do to productivity. The longer firms have to spend looking for lost items, the less time they have to devote to mission-critical tasks. Companies may even need to reschedule meetings or appointments if they are missing the tools they need.

Organizational labels can be used for a variety of purposes, ranging from signing out equipment to marking different shelves. The key is understanding that labels are not just for product packaging - companies can use stickers and labels to improve other areas of operation just as easily.