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Organization Urges UN to Say No to GMO


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Organization Urges UN to Say No to GMO

The International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements is pushing the United Nations to require all member countries to implement informative food labels.

IFOAM is opposed to using genetically modified organisms and is seeking UN support to create a world without food using GMOs. The group presented a special declaration to the UN that urged members to stop using GMOs or to at least develop a way of denoting that a product uses these organisms.

To support the declaration, IFOAM also launched the GMO Right2Know March, which started at the New York UN headquarters and will end on October 16 at the White House.

"Twenty percent of all manufactured foods in the U.S. contains genetically modified ingredients (GMO)," Joseph Wilhelm, an IFOAM representative, told Enews Park Forest. "We hope the Right2Know march will raise consumer awareness and influence U.S. legislators to require that labels indicate whether the product contains GMOs."

Several organizations have been pushing for transparency in food labels so consumers are more aware of what they are eating. For example, the Animal Legal Defense Fund recently launched an initiative to put cigarette-like warning labels on packages of foie gras.