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Organic Food Labels A Turnoff For Some Consumers


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Organic Food Labels A Turnoff For Some Consumers

Two Studies Highlight Negative Effects Of Food Labels

Organic food labels have been an increasingly popular trend in labeling. Sustainability and going green have been a priority for many consumers to do their part in fighting climate change, as well as consuming healthier products with less added chemicals and ingredients. However, as two studies show, sometimes organic labels go too far and alienate consumers.

Jonathon Schuldt, assistant professor at Cornell University, and Mary Hannahan, student at the University of Michigan, asked 215 student survey participants whether they thought food labeled as organic tasted better than conventional food. The results indicated that while many appreciated the organic labels, if going by taste, they would be less inclined to buy such products.

Opinion Of Organic Labels Low Among The Environmentally Conscious
Part two of the study, which was published in the journal Appetite, found those who were pro-environmental had a negative impression of organic labels. In this study, 156 participants read two news articles produced for the sake of the study discussing the development of a drink designed to relieve symptoms of malnutrition African children suffer.

The two copies of the story differed in that in one, every mention of the drink was accompanied by a reminder it was organic. The other carried no such qualification, and the results showed pro-environment participants judged the organic version to be less effective than the other.