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Ohio Repeals Dairy Laws After Dairy Producers Have a Cow


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Ohio Repeals Dairy Laws After Dairy Producers Have a Cow

The International Dairy Foods Association recently won a court case against the state of Ohio to repeal stringent dairy label rules, which were stricter than federal regulations.

Ohio's dairy product labeling regulations were instituted back in 2008 under executive order. Dairy manufacturers in the state felt the standards they were being held to were too severe, especially in regard to the ban on compositional claims, such as "rbST Free," and the bar on using asterisks.

"We're pleased that the state of Ohio has agreed to withdraw its rule and allow our members to continue to make truthful and not misleading claims on their product labels," said Clay Hough, IDFA senior group vice president. "The agreement upholds our members' constitutional rights and eliminates an impediment to the marketing of dairy products across state lines."

Now, dairy producers can simply use the same regulations from the Food & Drug Administration that every other state abides by, which should simplify production. FDA standards are typically the ones used by food manufacturers when they have been established.