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Office Depot Greener with First EcoSense Label, Smaller Stores


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Office Depot Greener with First EcoSense Label, Smaller Stores

An Office Depot in Portland, Oregon, will be the first store in the country to sell electronic merchandise bearing the EcoSense label.

The new label has gold, silver and bronze rating systems based on an array of environmental criteria factoring the entire life cycle of the product. EcoSense is a brand extension of the Electronics Product Environmental Assessment Tool (EPEAT), which allows consumers to judge environmental impacts of products against each other, in addition to cost and performance.

Portland's Office Depots are also getting greener with a new, smaller store layout. The new set up helps shoppers save time and reduces the corporations energy expenditure.

"By creating smaller stores we're reducing our retail footprint, our energy footprint and our carbon footprint," said Yalmaz Siddiqui, senior director of Environmental Strategy at Office Depot. "In Portland, we are also helping customers reduce their environmental footprints by providing them with greener choices that are more readily accessible, including EcoSense. This store represents a new model for consumer engagement on sustainability."

Apple announced earlier this month that it would forgo the EPEAT labels for its new MacBook products, but the company quickly reversed its decision in part due to customer backlash.