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NYC to Show Skeleton Imagery to Get Drivers to Slow Down


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NYC to Show Skeleton Imagery to Get Drivers to Slow Down

In an act that evokes the graphic labels on cigarette packages in other countries, New York City is warning drivers to slow down via skeleton images. After graphic images on cigarette labels proved more effective than simply identifying the harms of lighting up, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg decided to follow suit in order to get drivers to follow the city's 30 mile-per-hour speed limit.

The city will set up four LED boards yet-to-be-determined locations, the New York Times reported. The boards will have the ability to detect a driver's speed and should he or she hit over 30 miles-per-hour, an image of a skeleton will appear with the words "Slow Down." Bloomberg said that unless the message is graphic, people won't "get it."

"Who knows whether it's going to save a life? But at least we're trying to save lives rather than just sitting around and complaining and saying people should," Bloomberg said, the source noted.

Although the average speed rarely hits 9.3 miles-per-hour on a weekday in Manhattan, the effort falls in step with the city's overall plan to boost safety for pedestrians.