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NYC Adds Years While Reducing its Waistline


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NYC Adds Years While Reducing its Waistline

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg is known for being a public health crusader on behalf of his denizens and pushing them to cut calories.

During his many terms as the city's mayor, he's instituted calorie labeling requirements on restaurant menus and launched campaigns to raise awareness about the sugar counts on the product labels of soft drinks, sports drinks and juices.

Now, a recent article from The Wall Street Journal suggests that the health-related mandates may be helping New Yorkers to live longer. Babies born in New York City in 2009 now surpass the national average in terms of life expectancy, rising from 78.2 years to 80.6.

"If you want to live longer and healthier than the average American, then come to New York City," Bloomberg told the Journal. "By investing in healthcare and continuing to encourage more New Yorkers to take charge of their own health, we've experienced dramatic improvements in life expectancy."

Reflecting on the news, James Lineback, an associate clinical professor at UCLA, told the Journal in a separate article that the news should be unsurprising, as city dwellers tend to walk more and eat less.