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Numi Tea Dips Into Non-GMO Verification


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Numi Tea Dips Into Non-GMO Verification

Numi Organic Tea to Feature Non-GMO Mark on Product Labels

Sustainable packaging is a popular choice for consumers, but some product packaging does not accurately reflect its effect on the environment. Numi Organic Tea is making sure its packaging is not only on point, but goes beyond current standards. 

The tea company recently announced it will be the first company in the industry to feature the Non-GMO Project marks on its labels, which signifies the packaging was not made from genetically modified organisms.

"Organic and fair trade certified tea drinkers pay a premium to ensure their teas are produced in a sustainable and humane manner," said Ahmed Rahim, Numi co-founder, CEO and alchemist. "It is our responsibility to ensure our packaging meets those expectations. The 'see-through' 'compostable' PLA (polylactic acid) tea bags used by many companies are created with bio-plastics made from genetically modified corn, which is untraceable when produced."

Non-GMO Project Labels Ensures Ingredients Are Safe
The Non-GMO Project awards products with its labels and helps farmers, processors and manufacturers avoid GMO contamination, especially through several major crops that are at significant risk.

The GMO Standard identifies these crops and provides methods to avoid them, including segregation, traceability, risk assessment, sampling techniques and quality control management.