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Nothing to Spit At: FDA Investigates Dissolvable Tobacco


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Nothing to Spit At: FDA Investigates Dissolvable Tobacco

Anti-smoking groups are meeting with the U.S. Food & Drug Administration to discuss the merits of a new dissolvable tobacco product, NPR reports.

The tablets are held between users' teeth like a piece of straw and dissolve over time, giving a nicotine kick. A panel consisting of both advocates, who believe the products will help smokers kick the habit, and dissidents, who argue it will act as a gateway to smoking, are meeting with the FDA to discuss the pros and cons of the tablets.

Until the FDA makes a judgment, the tablets can't be sold as a "quit smoking" solution and need to feature the same warning labels as cigarettes and chewing tobacco.

"The public health people are saying, 'Oh, we need to wait, we need to still get more data,'" Gregory Conley, a law student, told the news source. "Every day and every year that they wait to tell the truth about the relative risks of different tobacco products, more people are dying."

Tobacco companies have been targeted by the FDA, with the organization suggesting a label change to depict the graphic consequences of smoking.