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Not So Sunny: SunChips Sued Over Labels


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Not So Sunny: SunChips Sued Over Labels

Frito-Lay, producer of a number of chip brands including Lays and SunChips, is being sued for misleading labels that indicate some of its products are "all natural."

Plaintiff Julie Gengo and firm Milberg LLP have drawn a class action lawsuit against the chip manufacturer, which claims its products are made with "all-natural ingredients." However, many of the key components — such as corn and vegetable oils — have actually been genetically modified.

"Frito-Lay labels certain of its Tostitos and SunChips products as 'made with ALL NATURAL ingredients,'" reads the lawsuit. "This representation is central to Frito-Lay's marketing of Tostitos and SunChips, and this label is displayed on the product itself [and] the ... website. But Tostitos and SunChips products are not made of 'all natural' ingredients.

Consumers have become more observant of foods with genetically modified organisms. Earlier this year, the consumer rights group Right2Know staged a march on Washington to encourage Congress to pass legislation making it mandatory to disclose when foods are made using GMOs.