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No Smoke and Mirrors: FDA to Launch Ads to Support Labels


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No Smoke and Mirrors: FDA to Launch Ads to Support Labels

The Food & Drug Administration is set to support its new cigarette labeling effort with a $600 million marketing campaign, The Washington Post reports.

Despite a federal judge blocking the cigarette label program, the FDA still hopes to get the word out about the dangers of smoking. To make up for the failed effort, the FDA plans to launch a $600 million marketing campaign across a variety of mediums and target radically different demographics.

Ads will run on television and through social media sites, such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. The campaign will target youths, minorities, military veterans, people with disabilities and other demographics.

"One of the big lessons that I've learned is that we might have great public health programs, but they will fail if we do not adequately educate the public about them," Dr. Lawrence Deyton, director of the FDA's Center for Tobacco Products, explained.

A federal judge agreed with tobacco companies that the cigarette labels impeded on freedom of speech, which has lead the FDA to pursue the marketing effort.