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No More Half-Baked Baked Labels from Dough Conditioners


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No More Half-Baked Baked Labels from Dough Conditioners

Dough producers are responding to the consumers who scrutinize their product labels by changing them to boast natural ingredients, Baking Management reports.

With obesity becoming a bigger issue in the United States, shoppers want fewer additives and chemical preservatives in their baked products. Dough manufacturers have taken note and have begun removing ingredients that sound unnatural so they don't have to list them on their labels.

In particular, additives such as emulsifiers and dough conditioners (chemicals that strengthen dough's texture or improve it in some other way), which are found on lists of unacceptable ingredients for natural foods retailers, are being stricken from baking products.

"Consumers are asking, 'Why are you putting chemicals in my bread? If I can't pronounce it, why should I eat it?'" Tom Lehmann, director of bakery assistance at AIB International, told the news source.

This notion even extends to benign substances such as dyhydrous oxide, which is simply another word for water, Lehmann added.

The Food and Drug Administration does not officially recognize enzymes as products that need to be listed because they don't survive the baking process, so many dough conditioners are contemplating using those as processing additives instead.