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No California Love: Resident Sues Companies Over Labels


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No California Love: Resident Sues Companies Over Labels

A California resident is taking product manufacturers to task for labeling their products as being "all natural" when they allegedly contain synthetic ingredients.

In total, more than 65 product manufacturers were targeted. The latest brand to be included in Tamar Davis Larsen's lawsuit is King Arthur Flour, which she claims cost her money because she paid a premium for the mix thinking it was "all natural" as advertised on the label. Instead, the product contains synthetics, such as ascorbic acid, disodium phosphate and potassium carbonate.

As Food Navigator USA notes, several Californians have launched similar suits in recent months, "including a suit filed in a southern California district court against Kashi and two class action lawsuits against ConAgra for marketing its Wesson range of cooking oils."

The use of the "all-natural" moniker recently came under question from the U.S. Department of Agriculture. The organization admitted the way the term was used — particularly with meats — could be misleading.