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Nike Foot Stickers Concept Received With Mixed Reviews


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Nike Foot Stickers Concept Received With Mixed Reviews

Dutch designer Frieke Severs has created the concept of Nike Footstickers for athletes who prefer a more barefoot approach to sports, rather than confining their toes in sneakers the traditional way.

Nike Footstickers are foot-shaped and glove-like, according to Wired. The stickers will come in different designs, each geared towards a different physical activity. Shapes are aimed at combat cardio, yoga and dance. If created, they wouldn't be marketed for outdoor activities, as the stickers could not provide much protection against the elements or debris. Thus far, the designs have received mixed reviews.

"Playing barefoot gives you more flexibility than wearing shoes ever does, allowing you to twist with ease," wrote Kat Hannaford on Gizmodo. Hannaford added that Footstickers ought to be produced.

On the website Geeky-Gadgets, Glenn Santos had a very different opinion, stating that many parasites enter the body from the soles of the feet, the adhesive would need to be incredibly powerful to actually resist the sweat, pressure and dirt of the foot, and Footstickers wouldn't even cover the soft part of the foot.

The only upside Santos saw was that they would minimize foot odor, as socks have "incubated many foul odors for ages."