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New York City is Going QR Code Crazy


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New York City is Going QR Code Crazy

The city of New York may soon begin integrating quick response codes into construction permits, Health Department letter grades and other city information. Mayor Bloomberg is supporting the effort as a way to make attractions more accessible to tourists.

Restaurants may see the codes first, with the Health Department considering their integration as a way to provide consumers with all the information behind a restaurant's score. The code would be displayed at an establishment's door.

"The Health Department is exploring the possibility of putting barcodes on restaurant letter grades that would take consumers directly to a restaurant's latest [inspection] results," spokeswoman Erin Hughes said to The New York Daily News.

The Buildings Department is also jumping on board with the initiative and will put the codes on construction permits, allowing passersby to access information on the building, current renovations and to see if the owner has any building code violations.

Additionally, the city's Sanitation Department has QR codes on its trucks, which bring anyone who scans them to an ad that promotes recycling, the source reported.