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New Year Label Resolutions For Health Product Makers


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New Year Label Resolutions For Health Product Makers

Label Attraction for Nutraceuticals and Food and Beverage Products

As the world gears up its health-conscious resolutions for 2013, it’s a logical time for manufacturers of health-related nutraceutical, and food and beverage products to address how to improve product attraction in the marketplace.

Regardless of sales channels—retail, distributors, white-label branding, et al.—every manufacturer of health-related products can enhance offerings by asking the marketplace for recommendations regarding label form and functionality. It’s important to poll all target audiences (e.g., end users, retailers, distributors) to identify common and disparate preference threads—then decide how to address them.

nutraceutical labelsEnd-user consumers may have ideas and preferences far different than healthcare practitioners who order products for their clients. By examining all major audiences, the manufacturer can then craft a labeling approach that will provide maximum appeal across the board.

Following are key areas to examine:

Professionalism vs. panache

Professionals tend to buy products based on reputation and performance. For them, primary label concerns may focus on accuracy, complete disclosure and legibility. In contrast, end-users selecting from online sites or on store shelves likely will be attracted to flashier, more prominent labels. Depending on the age group and other demographics involved, what constitutes favorably-flashy can vary considerably. Millennials often have preferences far different than baby boomers, for example.

One size fits all vs. multiple looks

It’s very important for product manufacturers to consider if or how they may want to segment labeling schemes for multiple audiences while maintaining key branding elements. Digital label printing enables easy and economical production of a variety of labels to help achieve wide-ranging objectives. And variable image options can make the process even faster and more affordable, expediting printing of multiple designs in one run. While there’s no cardinal rule mandating single or multiple label designs, digital label printing offers solutions across the board.

This can be a tough call. Often, healthcare practitioners will eschew products with labels that appear too “out there,” opting instead for a conservative, businesslike look and feel. Reconciling this with different consumer preferences about shelf-appeal and the like can prove challenging.

Testing different labels

Digital label printing affords health product manufacturers the luxury of test marketing. Based on initial determination of marketplace preferences, manufacturers can literally try out many colors, fonts, and even label materials. For example, manufacturers adhering to environmentally-friendly practices may want to use green packaging, label materials and inks. EarthFirst PLA is one intriguing label material made from corn instead of petroleum that can offer a different look and position the manufacturer as a solid supporter of the environment.

Just as health-oriented consumers ring in the in the new year with commitments to get healthier and wiser, so should product manufacturers look at improvements in packaging and labeling that can lead to a healthier bottom line.