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New Organic Product Offers Same Perks as Chemical Ingredients


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New Organic Product Offers Same Perks as Chemical Ingredients

Consumers are becoming increasingly conscious of artificial preservatives, which may pave the way for a new organic preservative, Food Navigator reports.

Many food manufacturers have traditionally used chemical preservatives for simple efficiency reasons — they last longer than organic ones. However, consumers are screening ingredient lists for chemical compounds more frequently and opting for products without artificial preservatives. This puts food manufacturers in a bind.

However, organic food brand Danisco has recently developed a new enzyme, called BioVia YM 10, that will provide other manufacturers with the best of both worlds. In initial tests, the product, which is composed of dextrose and plant extracts, provided the same results obtained with chemical preservatives such as potassium sorbate.

"Food manufacturers are well aware of consumer demand for more natural products with friendlier labels, but many have hesitated to choose a natural food protection solution because they wanted every bit of the effectiveness they could get from traditional chemical alternatives," said Brett Thompson, global product manager at Danisco.

Organic food companies have benefited the most from consumers becoming more label-conscious and now many brands are scrambling to ditch artificial ingredients, whether they are preservatives or other chemicals.