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New Mascara Package Catches Eyes


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New Mascara Package Catches Eyes

The container and label of a new mascara product are sure to catch the eye of shoppers.

Boot 17's Peep Show Mascara product design was inspired by fishnet stockings and features a pink and black color scheme that is designed to appeal to women past their teenage years. The labels are printed onto a conical package base through a two-pass silk screening process and use a closure that clicks into place to alert the user that the package has been tightly closed.

"According to Boots 17 assistant buying manager Phillipa Holden, [product manufacturers] Brivaplast and Quadpack also played a major role in the package design," Packaging Design Magazine reports. "They created several trial packages with different decorating options. This enabled the Boots 17 team to make well-informed package design choices."

Packaging and labeling should reflect the audience that businesses are targeting. Different images and colors can appeal to a variety of emotions and people, so it's crucial to consider the buyer as the labels and containers are conceived.