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New Light Bulb Labels are a Bright Idea


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New Light Bulb Labels are a Bright Idea

Picking out light bulbs used to be an easy task — consumers would look at the wattage and figure out what they needed.

However, new technologies have led the light bulb industry to advertise products based on lumens, which measure brightness, instead of watts. This makes things a bit more difficult for consumers accustomed for buying based on watts, Cleveland Live reports. However, a new federally mandated label looks to make that task a bit easier.

The new format means manufacturers must now advertise their products based on lumens, which have traditionally been noted by but not highlighted on labels. They will also be made to disclose the average life expectancy of the bulbs, which may help further eliminate confusion.

"Nobody knows what 12,000 or 20,000 hours mean," Pamela Price, retail marketing manager for lightning manufacturer Osram Sylvania, told the news source.

The new label was designed by the Federal Trade Commission with input from marketing and engineering experts.