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New Label Puts 'Agressive' Buyers in a Good Mood


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New Label Puts 'Agressive' Buyers in a Good Mood

The HR Products offering "Aggressive"  — a spray that eliminates bad moods — has been updated to feature customer feedback on the label, the company announced.

Aggressive received a lot of attention after being featured as fashion blog Refinery29's Hot New Product of December. Since then, new customers have been quick to sing quirky and humorous praises of the spray. HR Products is using this feedback to sell Aggressive, and will feature it on the spray's silver label.

"Customers wanted to be able to re-read the hilarious descriptions from our website. The next generation of labels preserves the simple, clean design but also includes the funny bits," Heidi Rettig, owner of the boutique aromatherapy company, explained.
While the product may seem odd, Rettig was quick to note that the company takes the spray very seriously. It is made from aromatherapy oils that are custom blended to produce an uplifting emotional response.

Labels are designed to sell products, and customer feedback can be an effective way to show shoppers that others are not only buying the item, but enjoying it as well.