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New Label Causes Pure's Shares to Spike


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New Label Causes Pure's Shares to Spike

Pure Bioscience is a biotech company that provides non-toxic remedies to public health issues, according to the organization's website.

The company recently received approval from the Environmental Protection Agency to expand the list of organisms on its product labels destroyed by its hard surface cleaner, SignOn San Diego reports.

This cleaner is one of Pure's staples. The spray disinfects a plethora of organisms commonly found on hard surfaces and can now stake a claim to effectively sterilizing Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C.

Michael Krall, president and chief executive officer of Pure, suggested that the new label on his company's spray product sets the bar for the playing field.

"The EPA's validation of the new claims for Pure Hard Surface puts it far above the competition when it comes to efficacy and low toxicity," he told the news source. "We're moving forward with registration of the new label in all 50 states."

Upon it gaining approval from the EPA for the new label, Pure's shares rose approximately 20 percent, according to the news source.