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New Drug Labeling Could Reduce Number of ER Patients


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New Drug Labeling Could Reduce Number of ER Patients

A new drug labeling test is in the works in an effort to stem the number of patients who end up in the emergency room for taking their medication incorrectly. The FDA plans to try out single-page information sheets for consumers, replacing the multi-page inserts and medication guides that are currently used by most retail pharmacies.

Additionally, the U.S. Pharmacopeial Convention, which sets the standards that are put forth by the FDA, is developing new prescription labels that will hold all pharmacies to a national standard. These labels would require all medications to feature clear, easy-to-follow labels regarding the dosage and timing as well as simply state the drug's purpose, The Wall Street Journal reported.

"We need to create better awareness about the gamut of harm that can occur," Karen Weiss, program director of the FDA's Safe Use Initiative, told the source.

Falling on the heels of this is a debate about whether or not the government is too controlling regarding the release of new drugs. Supporters say new drugs potentially help patients who benefit from their use and should be released, but those against it say there is not sufficient testing done on the drugs that are brought to the table.