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New Dirty Jobs Product Has a Spotless Label


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New Dirty Jobs Product Has a Spotless Label

Taking advantage of a connection with a popular television show, My Dirty Jobs, LLC has launched a new line of products.

The products, ranging from stain removers and carpet cleaners to degreasers and hand sanitizers, all link in with the Discovery Channel show Dirty Jobs, The New York Times reports. The labels note they are "heavy duty" and urge consumers to use them to "get tough on [their] dirtiest jobs." By evoking the notion that these products are similar to what's used on the television show, manufacturer My Dirty Jobs hopes to tackle a new niche in cleaning products.

To help spread word about the product, My Dirty Jobs also plans to launch an extensive marketing campaign.

"Direct response is about advertising the brand and building awareness," Adam Lerner, president of the company, told the news source. "And there's the benefit of selling some product directly to consumers. We plan to touch the customer in every way the customer can be reached."

The television show features host Mike Rowe doing filthy jobs, such as working on oil tankers or cleaning animal barns.