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New Bill Gives Consumers the Dirt on Cleaning Ingredients


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New Bill Gives Consumers the Dirt on Cleaning Ingredients

A new bill that would force cleaning product manufacturers to disclose ingredients on labels has been proposed by New York Representative Steve Israel.

The bill, called the Cleaning Product Right to Know Act of 2011, is designed to provide transparency to cleaning product purchasers. As the Environmental Working Group notes, many cleaning products contain allergens or other chemicals under the catch-all term "fragrance."

"Our cabinets are full of soaps and cleaners that we assume improve our homes and health," Israel told the news source. "However, new research shines a light on the secret chemicals that might be doing more harm than good. You have a right to know what's hiding in your household products."

Separate research from EWG found that more than 450 distinct toxic contaminants were used in common cleaning products. Knowing what is in these products can help consumers make better purchases for their households.