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Nevada Prescription Labeling Bill May Benefit Patients in Emergencies


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Nevada Prescription Labeling Bill May Benefit Patients in Emergencies

A new Nevada bill could help patients who are taking prescription medications in the event of an emergency.

The SB329 bill, which has been passed by the Assembly and now awaits approval by the Senate, would make it mandatory for doctors to list a medication's purpose on the drug itself. Doctors would also be required to ask their patients whether or not they wanted their medical condition also listed on the prescription's bottle, the Associated Press reported. Under the new bill, emergency responders would be able to determine why a patient was taking a medication by reading the label on his or her prescription bottle.

For patients such as senior citizens who take an overwhelming number of medications, the new labeling requirements may be to their benefit by bringing clarity to a long list of confusing drugs. Additionally, it could help caretakers, who may also have difficulty keeping track of the number of medications a patient is taking.

Prescription drug labeling is already a confusing process, particularly with the high number of side effects associated with medications. According to a recent report, the average medication has 70 side effects, of which only a few are listed on the medication bottle itself.