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Nestle Washes Away Old Water Packaging with New Design


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Nestle Washes Away Old Water Packaging with New Design

Nestle has rolled out a new packaging design for its European water brand, featuring a new tamper-evident sports cap, PackagingDigest reports.

The new bottle has a cap that can be flipped closed rather than having a traditional screw top. Nestle is highlighting the feature both on product labels and on brand support websites. The new cap has a patented tamper-evident band, which is completely inaccessible, even with an external tool.

"When the flip-top is pushed open for the first time the band's bridges break automatically, the lower section then drops to the base of the spout and is retained there as permanent evidence of opening," the news source reports.

Once opened, the cap has a hinge that holds the top at a 180-degree angle. When consumers are done drinking, they can close the cap, which locks with a click.

Businesses should always be thinking of the safety of their consumers. This includes disclosing expiration dates on product labels, integrating tamper-proof security features and other strategies to ensure the quality of the product.