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Nebraska Lawmakers May Repeal Ethanol Labeling Bill


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Nebraska Lawmakers May Repeal Ethanol Labeling Bill

Motorists in Nebraska may notice less labeling for ethanol at the gas pumps, provided state lawmakers pass a new proposal. The law would allow gas stations to remove labels for blends containing less than 11 percent of the additive and repeal the state's current law that mandates labeling for mixtures containing at least 1 percent.

Nebraska is one of 19 states that require such labeling, which often misleads consumers into believing that ethanol can damage their engines, Bloomberg Businessweek reported.

"We've found that, over the years, it's been viewed by most consumers as a warning label," Ron Lamberty, vice president for the American Coalition for Ethanol, told the source.

"There's all kinds of stuff in gasoline, but they're not required to label all of it," he added.

According to Lamberty, retailers should have the option to label their pumps in order to cater to motorists who would like to pay less at the pump or who view the fuel as beneficial to rural economies.