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Mylanta Recalled for Labeling Error


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Mylanta Recalled for Labeling Error

Johnson & Johnson had to recall Alternagel and 12 of its Mylanta products due to its failure to list alcohol content on the product labeling, though the company says these trace amounts are harmless at best.

"Certain flavoring agents contribute small (<1 percent) amounts of alcohol. It is unlikely that use of these products will cause either alcohol absorption or alcohol sensitivity related adverse events," read a statement released by Johnson & Johnson which claimed no customers have experienced harmful effects, reports

The company said consumers can continue to use the products, though it is currently recalling 12 million bottles of Mylanta heartburn products as well as 85,000 bottles of Alternagel liquid antacid, reports

The reputation of the company has suffered as of late due to massive product recalls this year which were investigated by the Senate. More than 40 children's medications and 4 million packages of kids' Benadryl tablets were called back after manufacturing errors were detected. Consumer health sales dropped 25 percent last quarter, reports the news source.