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Multiple Label Versions Key for Best Pricing


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Multiple Label Versions Key for Best Pricing

One of the major advantages of digital label printing is the ability to gang-run multiple label versions together. With traditional flexographic printing, every different label would be a separate job and would work its way through the printing workflow as a standalone job. With digital label printing it is quite common to have dozens of different label versions printed together on the same job.

If you want to order short runs of multiple label versions, then you really have no option but to have them printed digitally, particularly if they are full color labels. With plates running anywhere from $40 - $70 for each color, multiple label versions can quickly become very expensive.

Here at Lightning Labels we charge just $5 for every additional label version of the same sized label using the same material. To take an example, say you have 10 different label versions and you just want to order 100 of each for a total of 1,000 labels. You would pay just $45 more (9 times $5 - the first version is free) than if you ordered just one version of 1,000. These prices are calculated automatically for you on our Instant Online Label Quoter.

Gang-running multiple label versions together will ensure you get the best price for your labels. We regularly do label jobs where there are more than 100 label versions on the one job. These customers know the pricing benefits of running multiple label versions together.