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More Than Half of Wines Are Stronger Than Labels Claim


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More Than Half of Wines Are Stronger Than Labels Claim

Consumers may be more apt to suffer from a hangover after drinking wine, but not through any fault of their own. A study of 129,000 wines from vintners worldwide found that wine makers are "systematically understating" the alcohol content found within their products on labels, The Guardian reported.

The American Association of Wine Economists revealed 57 percent of wines are stronger than their labels read. According to the source, the average wine's alcohol content is 13.6 percent, yet reported as 13.1 percent. Less than one-third of wine labels understate the alcohol content of their products.

"Some winemakers … have admitted they deliberately chose to understate the alcohol content on a wine label, within the range of error permitted by the law, because they believed that it would be advantageous for marketing the wine to do so," said the report, written by a team led by Julian Alston at the University of California, as reported by The Guardian.

It's not unusual for alcohol manufacturers to be reluctant to share the processing procedures, or in the case of the vintners, the true alcohol content of products, according to the website, because distilleries are keen to protect their products.