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MoonPie Shoots for the Moon with Packaging News


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MoonPie Shoots for the Moon with Packaging News

New MoonPie Packaging First in Nearly Two Decades

Chattanooga Bakery recently announced that its popular MoonPies, marshmallow cookie sandwiches, will feature new packaging. This is this first packaging change for the company, which began making MoonPies in 1917, in nearly 20 years.

"It had been nearly two decades since MoonPie made a major change to its packaging, so this was an important decision with strategic implications for our company," said Tory Johnston, vice president of marketing at Chattanooga Bakery. "It was time to take an honest, fresh look and to further distinguish our brand for a new generation of consumers."

Packaging News Will Stick Out Among Competition
According to the packaging news, the treat's wrapping will place more emphasis on the midnight sky and will feature white clouds that convey the texture of marshmallow to customers. The company attributed the updated packaging to growing competition that risked overshadowing MoonPies.

The brand introduced the new designs to its mini MoonPies and has since implemented it throughout the entire brand. Johnston added that new sales are already up with the new packaging, and the company is aiming at a 10 percent increase in revenue with the change.