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Misleading Organic Labeling May See Changes Abroad


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Misleading Organic Labeling May See Changes Abroad

Taiwan-based Consumers Foundation (CF) has buckled down on cosmetics with misleading labels that claim to be organic, reported Simon Pitman in Cosmetics Design.

The CF has urged the Department of Health to draft regulations addressing organic products and labels, as not all products claiming to be so are made with 100 percent organic ingredients. The organization is calling for companies to provide legal proof of their organic claims in order to clear up labeling confusions.

"If successful, the move is likely to lead to significant changes in the way organic personal care is regulated and labeled," Pitman wrote in the magazine. "This is also the first such move in the Asia Pacific region and one that could set a precedent."

After examining eight types of cosmetic labels and bath and beauty products sold in Taiwan with organic labels, the CF found that only three were certified as organic by foreign organizations. Some products qualified as organic when only 50 percent of the total contents were organic.

The CF recommended that consumers pay attention when shopping for organic products and urged the Department of Health in Taiwan to create a national organic program, according to an article in Focus Taiwan